My journey into making natural body products started with my usual weekly trip to the grocery store. It was the new year and my resolution was to be healthier. I read ingredients before placing anything in my cart that day. When I got to the bath and body aisle, I picked up my usual body wash.. as I read the ingredients I was completely confused. What is any of this stuff? I googled the ingredients and learned that it was mostly chemical preservatives, parabens, phthalates, suflates and many other synthetic additives. 


When I got home, I continued my research on additives in bath and body products. I learned that these ingredients were very common in store bought bath & body products.. These additives can be extremely disruptive to normal hormone function not to mention are a common cause for skin irritations. I also learned that there have been studies linking these ingredients with cancer. 


Why are we putting this stuff on our skin?! There has to be a healthier way to get clean! 


I furthered my research and found natural ways to make these products. Well, if there is a way to make these products safe, why aren't these big health and beauty corporations doing that? In short, money. Natural and organic ingredients do cost more than the lab made stuff. Most people don't realize the harmful things inside these products sold in grocery stores and they buy them because they're cheap. 

Cheaper isn't always better, especially when it comes to quality. 


After a very long time of reading books on how to make your own natural products at home and countless hours spent watching soap queen tv, I felt I was finally ready to make my first small batch of soap - and the rest is history! It opened the door for me to make other bath & body products. I had so much fun making them and my family and friends loved them so much - through their encouragement I decided to quit my desk job and start selling my products! I took some time to focus on nailing down the best recipes, find the best wholesale suppliers and got busy making!


I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to sell my products at a local farm stand, The Ford Farm, which helped me gain recognition locally. That lead to being offered to have my soaps in other stores which opened the door to wholesale and other big opportunities I never fathomed! I hope to be able to keep expanding my small business while still holding high standards as to what ingredients go into my recipes. I love what I do and I hope to be able to share it with more and more people as time goes on.